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More messed up trailers.

This is the funniest thing since the Shining spoof - the sequel to Titanic made up of every film Leo's ever been in:

And while we're at it, here's some more I found...
West Side Story...with zombies! I triumph of the "if I flicker enough the audience won't be able to tell it's not really about the undead" school of thought.
...and another one! This time, scary Titanic.
Revenge of Penguins, based on March of the Penguins
This is quite a funny idea, pulled off nicht so gut. But still amusing.
This is a remixed Da Vinci Code trailer with a bit more (I quote) "WOW! Bam!! Boom!! Chunk!". Not all that funny, unless watching with my sister who took delight in saying those four words every time they got to a whizzy bit.
Neo vs Robocop - this is fantastic. I urge you to go watch. They've even got Harmonica (yay!) and Yoda in here. The end sucks, but the skill is amazing. As soon as you see Neo actually say Robocop, you know you're on to something good.
Scary Chicago. I wanna see this one!
X-men and Harry Potter - the proof they're the same film. The picture quality is terrible, which is a pity for the thing itself is very intriguing and well planned. Look forward to Snape's line.
United 93 spoof. Haven't watched it. Might be funny. Probably won't...
Forrest Gump, the horror-thriller. Not funny.
Halloween - tale of misunderstood comic genius. Amusing. Ish.
Phantom of the Opera - with dolls! And some home-done singing! Awful (you'll see what I mean) but also entirely hilarious
Final Destination, done very much the same way as phantom.
There's lots on here, none of which I can be bothered to watch...
This is actually a real movie, no foolin'. And it should have been funny!!!!!!!!!!! Check it out on, everybody hated it. "The low-brow comedy for the high-brow crowd". Hmmm. Well, somehow I think the people who've seen the films won't get the humour. I certainly wouldn't. But oh well...


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