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The I-cant-think-of-a-title link list

Today I'm pretty busy, so I'm just dumping links: - I love this guy. Can you believe that this description actually made tears come to my eyes? The movie glossary is pretty funny too. EDITOR: I have since revised my opinion of this man! Have you seen what he said about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? How dare he call the script of the end inappropriate, or whatever he complains about. This is a perfect film, you hear you evil evil man! I wish I could do this, but then again, it’d be horrid to watch them all in one year. What would I do then?! is a kinda frustrating but also cool site. Figure this - I can get 15/30 on the easy one, but 20/30 on the hard one. How does that work?! I absolutely want one of these! OK, so i've never seen the film - it's at the top of my wantosee list and likely to be my final words if I'm run down in the middle of the road, and if I had seen it I'd really want one...the same people also do Scarface ones, another film I haven't seen and am attached to nontheless (on account of the most useful MSN blinkie ever: OK, i've had it with the Brokeback jokes too, but this is very funny. I want to see this film! You've probably already heard about this one, but it's great nontheless. Somewhere on that site there's also a West Side Story one and a Titanic too. Great!


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