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Lots of stuff today.

First things first, I GOT MY BOXED SET BACK!!!!!!!!!!!I carried it around all day hugging it, and put it on the moment I got home. Which was wonderful. I only got as far as the Sicily trip, but it all goes downhill after that anyway, and I'd seen the band leader speech and my fave scene in the hospital, so all in all wuv. And I'm actually starting to understand it too. I mean, I never didnt understand it, but it's a deep confusing plot with pretty mumbly dialogue and I'm bad at getting complex things (not entirely true, actually. I can get stuff like Memento and Donnie Darko, I can't get early James Bond. It's a different sort of comprehension.) But now I know what's happening, I'm picking up on all the details and working out what the minor characters are called. I watched the deleted scenes too, which really deserve a paragraph to themselves. In fact, let's do that.

The New Paragraph. I really liked the extra stuff with Sonny and Tom. I've always felt genuine love and respect for them radiate towards the screen, and I'm not entirely sure why. Anyway, the two extra Sonny scenes absolutely made my year. And you know what, I think I saw a shadow of a tear in Mike's another scene, just a shadow but definitely there. The other scene I like was a G2 scene, the one from an entirely deleted segment in which Fabrizio (remember him?)...well, lets just say it was poetic justice and I cheered.

It's father's day tomorrow, yay etc. Yay, good for my dad, yay good for me because Heat, Get Carter and Unforgiven are all on a special father's day discount (see below). But who's the best movie dad? Well, I'm gonna be honest with you, I can't think of any. I'd nominate Vito "a man's not a real man who doesn't spend time with his family", but being a Godfather nut you wouldn't believe me.

Film watching's been pretty dire really. I saw Ladyhawke last week, which is about as good as fantasty movies get. Absolutely ridiculous soundtrack, but kinda cool also. The obligatory rogue was sweet, well rounded and had noticable talent. The romance was wuvvy, and although I guessed the plot pretty quick (not something I do often), it was still sweet. And also Tom Horn, a friend of Buffalo Bill whose museum we saw in Wyoming. Steve McQueen was good, but the plot was lame. I mean, I know its a true story, I'm not criticising that. It's more the way it was presented. The girl and the flashbacks were uncecessary. The betrayal wasn't half devistating enough. Not interesting, exciting or attention holding enough. On the other hand, can you trust any of this? My parents did requisition the tv off me to watch this last night, while I was using it. And films watched straight after the Godfather always seem to be dire.

Finally, Woolworths has a massive sale in which all the films I want are going cheap. I bought Being John Malkovitch and The Fisher King for under £10, but some mean sod pinched the bag with the latter in. It also contained my purse and bank card, but I know which one I'm most sore about...


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