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My IMDB top 250

I saw someone do this on the filmwise site, and thought it had meme potential. So here we go, taking into account my age and the fact I live in a small area with bad dvd shops and my parents get suspicious of internet ordering drumroll please...

So far I’ve seen movies from the IMDB top 250.

5 movies that I think should not be in the IMDB top 250. (Random Order)
1 Vertigo (I'm sorry, but you know how I feel...)
2 Finding Nemo (The visuals were absolutely great. Just like Underworld. The stunning water effects did not make up for the slightly lame plot, dull script and charmless characters. Unlike, for example, Toy Story which not only was very impressive, but had spark as well.)
3 The Pianist (good, but not that good...)
4 The Incredibles (Pixar grudge? Nah...)
5 I'm getting desperate now (I haven't seen all that many after all), and I'm gonna go with Million Dollar Baby. I saw it on a plane, which never helps, and though I quite enjoyed was a The Pianist it just didn't have that stunning factor some of the others have. Occasionally you just see a film, and you know you're in the hands of a master. This is not one of them.
6 Thought of another one - Finding Neverland. It's not even all that good...

5 movies that I think should be in the IMDB top 250 but are not. (Random Order)
To be honest, I can't think of any. Wait, is Moulin Rouge in there? Should be...

The best 5 movies that are in the IMDB top 250 are: (Random Order)
1 The Godfather (part 1)
2 L.A. Confidential
3 Once Upon a Time in the West
4 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
5 there's Memento, Eternal Sunshine, Twelve Monkeys and Brazil all on that list and I can't choose...ok, as I can't decide and they're all a similar sort of film, I'm gonna go with something entirely different - Hero, or whatever the Mandarin translation is.

The last 5 IMDB top 250 movies I’ve seen.

The next IMDB top 250 movie I am going to see.
No idea. Probably Harvey - I've got it on video, and I may get around to seeing it sometime in the next...year...

The most disappointing IMDB top 250 movie I’ve seen.
Vertigo. As you've been told so many many times before. And Seven Samuri, but I don't really want to talk about that.

IMDB top 250 movie I really have no interest in seeing:
The Shawshank Redemption and Schindler's List. Both at the top. What a tragedy for me.

11 IMDB top 250 movies I really want to see (virtually random order)
1 Reservoir Dogs (duh...)
2 Fight Club (ditto)
3 The Third Man (Just because. There was a really good reason why this has lodged itself in my mind as a must-see, and I cannot remember what it is...)
4 OK, now what. Well those are the three I reeeeally want to see, lets have a look at the rest of the list. Well I've cut it down to a shortlist of 8 more...ah hell, I'll list 'em all. The Usual Suspects (Kevin Spacey, right?)
5 American Beauty (Kevin Spacey. Agan.)
6 The Good The Bad and The Director Who Just Can't Handle Tiny Titles (The also irritatingly titled Once Upon a Time in the West is responsible for this. Gotta see more of his films!)
7 Once Upon a Time in America (ditto!)
8 Leon (Gary Oldman and 5 separate "for your consideration" posts on the Empire board, when every other film had one or less)
9 Strangers on a Train (Friend-who-likes-12-Angry-Men recommended it)
10 The Big Lebowski (Er, I dunno. The tagline is v. cool)
11 8 1/2 (Partly so I can say I've seen it, and partly so I can understand the "My Life in Film" episode based on it)
(oops forgot Das Boot and Seven Samuri)

I'll have to update this in half a year. Oh well. I'm going on holiday tomorrow, to France. I've been told I'm not to touch the new family video camera and I'm not allowed to direct the holiday film. Which sucks. We're going to Dinard's medieval fayre - the entire town dress up, apparently. My dress is absolutely fab, and it'll be two wonderful days of quoting Robin Hood and Excalibur at anyone who'll listen. Au revoir, mes cheres amis!*

*Cinecism&co. are not responsible for the foul quality of the French found in said blog, and disown all bad uses of the masculine plural whether they are being bribed or not.


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