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27 inch screen minimum...

Today has been awful, for reasons with complex five year build ups which I couldn't possibly explain, and you couldn't possibly sit through.

Today I went and had an investigate of the WJEC Film studies course, the course I'm going to be ploughing through come Monday. I'm kinda dreading it in a way, more so now I've seen the site. There's hundreds of PDFs, using words like "criteria", "assessment", recommending case studies and activities for group work and continually referring to section 27b/6. So the types of thing that make me feel ill then.

There is a possibility, for example, that we study Hitchcock.

The all-knowing board reccommends studying 12 films overall. Thats like, one every two weeks? They also say it is legally ok to watch 18s in an "educational context", which suits me fine if we're doing gangsters or westerns, and less so if we're studying the horror genre.
They suggest comparing certain films on page 37 of the Guidance pdf - two buddy movies such as...two gangster films such as...two Bollywood musicals (no suggestions, insultingly enough)

The features of genre films are our first "unit", you see. Unit 2 is all about Audience taste/consumption (yum), Audience construction (huh?) and fanbases - including cult movies! And the last one is British/Irish movies, which sounds dreary.

The guidance on guidance is interesting. I draw attention to the hysterical question "should you prioritise THEIR interest over yours?", which is obviously num and expecting the answer no...

And now, some quotes from their website:

"What must be must be! Really a regular television will NOT do - it may be difficult justifying a jumbo screen or a flat widescreen television to senior managers. However it should be at least 27" and have a freeze frame capability!"

(the entire class doing the same extract as coursework)" discouraged - partly to protect yourself and the moderator from early death through boredom."

And their FAQ...

"So what does this look like as a year plan?

(see the following page - Plan A"

"Why is there no viable arts cinema in my area?"

"Should films from "Swinging Britain" be swinging?"

However, there is one bonus. I was kinda disappointed that our school doesn't offer the full A-level - until now. Why? The first piece of A2 coursework is on the auteur theory. Which would probably result in a murder attempt on my teacher.

(PS seriously freaked out by the four random people in the right hand corner. Too freaked out to make humourous comment.)

(PPS Ogling (it's a cool site, by the by) I suddenly remembered I got my GCSE results. Doh! Well, if you can recall I'd been promised a certain DVD in exchange for 5A*s and 5As, excluding art. Well....drum parents can be losers at times. Despite me pulling up a witness to prove otherwise, they're claiming no such pact ever took place. If anyone cares, I got 4A*s and A in everything else, but it hardly matters now does it...)


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