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This morning, I recieved a very special email, and I'm going to share it with you because I am so enlightened and blessed by it, and because I want to spread the good news so you too can join THE CIRCLE.

If that's OK by you.


Finally, a service that's unique and deeply needed. The Spiritual Cinema Circle, founded by Producer & Director Stephen Simon, has created a very inexpensive way to bring hours of inspiring entertainment into your life each month. Groovy...

The membership for The Spiritual Cinema Circle, www.SpiritualCinemaCircle.Com/Go, has grown at an unprecedented rate, and you'll see why when you take a peak.
Ex-quease me? Baking powder? Where exactly am I to take this "peak". I don't even have a "peak". The nearest thing we have to a mountain is the mound my grandmother's garden gnome lives on. And she'd be so upset if we deprived it of its home...

Here's a special message for you from Stephen Simon, Producer of the films "Somewhere in Time" and "What Dreams May Come", Producer/Director of "Indigo" and co-founder of The Circle......hang on, The Circle? What's this, a cinematic cult? I wanna join! PS - why haven't I heard of any of these films?

Dear Friend, Aw, thank you. A special message? For me? How kind of him to take time out of his...busy schedule to email me personally.

Before now, hardly anyone got to see the best movies made each year. Now, by joining The Spiritual Cinema Circle, you'll see movies that will warm your heart, expand your mind, and stir your soul...without leaving home. I invite you to join me, Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Sylvia Browne, Neale Donald Walsch, James Tywman and others in a very special program: The Spiritual Cinema Circle. Question: who on earth are these people! Googling the names, I see they're all self-helping, psychic-reading, cult-founding cinema fans. Excellent...

It's very simple! Oh good!

Here's how it works:

Each month you receive 4 features and shorts on DVD. The movies are personally selected by me and my team. These movies represent the best of spiritual cinema and art. Gee whizzy! How fantastic...

The movies are new films you're unlikely to see anywhere else. I wonder why this is?

The DVDs are yours to keep. You don't have to return them. In fact, you're encouraged to share them with friends and family, in order to broaden the worldwide Spiritual Cinema community.
The cost of the service is kept deliberately low, so the maximum number of people can participate. If you join now, you pay the new member rate of only $21 per month instead of the regular $29 fee (plus $3.95 shipping and handling; outside USA $7.95). Deliberately low...$ DVD...per-lease.

There's no risk - you may cancel your membership at any time. And remember, you never have to return any of your DVDs, even if you decide to cancel your membership. Oh thank goodness! Because if I never want to see another spiritual film ever again, keeping the ones I have already will be my first priority.

If, like me, you love movies, but you find it harder and harder to go to theaters because of the violence, emptiness and overall lack of quality and imagination that most of the current crop represents, The CIRCLE is a wonderful opportunity. "Most of the current crop", presumably not including his own, I like violent films...



I loved these films, and felt grateful that so many people got to enjoy them. There are many films as beautiful as WHALERIDER and as thought-provoking as WHAT THE BLEEP made each year, but almost nobody gets to see them.
Erm, no. So few people saw WHALERIDER that it was actually nominated for Oscars. Crime.

Remember how you felt when you saw FIELD OF DREAMS, GHOST or TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY?
Nope, cos I haven't actually seen any of them...

I want you to see the hidden treasures, the films that are just as moving as those classics of spiritual cinema. Aw, thank you, even if I disagree that Whalerider and Ghost are classics under any criteria...

As a result of my connections in the film industry and my talks at film festivals and venues around the world, I get to see wonderful movies every year that hardly anybody else gets to enjoy. I'm not exaggerating when I say that some of the best movies made every year go virtually unseen. I'm touched. No, seriously.The tears are streaming down my face. Thank you and God bless, Mr Stephen Simon.

The major distributors won't touch the most heartful, soul-satisfying movies (just like Hannah. You remember Hannah don't you?), because they don't think there's enough money in it for them, and even the independent distributors often overlook quality films.(For good reason. If they're anything like Hannah) Remember, the mainstream movie business literally runs as much on popcorn-sales as ticket-sales. Big, violent action movies bring in audiences that eat those huge $7 boxes of popcorn and those 32-ounce $4 cups of soft drinks. That's why theater-owners want them, and that's why Hollywood makes them. How about quality violent action movies? Do they count?

The movies you'll see as a member of The CIRCLE are made with love and passion. They're not made just to sell popcorn. Aw...

Here's how you can give yourself hours of wonderful entertainment every month, make a statement about what kind of a world you want to live in, and make a real difference in how spiritually-empowering entertainment is distributed by demonstrating how big the worldwide spiritual cinema community really is. ...come again...(try saying that five times real fast...)


You may be asking "What movies will I get to see?" You may well ask...

Joining the Spiritual Cinema Circle opens the door to a new world. You'll see movies with all the great themes of spiritual cinema:

Life after life Oooooh!
Enhanced powers and sensibilities Aaaaaah!
Reality and time Wow!
Visionary romance and adventures Swooon!
The power of love Geeeee!
Movies with Heart and Movies with Soul Movies with soul...Sister Act....

That's gotta be Donnie Darko, right?

You'll get to see award-winning movies that you would probably never see otherwise. Hang on...award somebody must have seen them, right? Oh thankie goodness! I thought you and your specially selected team would simply pluck the brainwash-classics from your back catalogue. My mistake.

In fact, your subscription will give you access to films each month that only attendees of Film Festivals around the world get to see - and you never have to leave home! What if the post arrives when you're out and the postman takes the DVDs back to the depot. Then you'll have to sign one of those green forms and collect it!

You'll also get to see wonderful shorter films. Great...wonderful short films...these wouldn't also happen to be heartwarming, would they?

Many of the best movies made every year are under an hour long, and almost nobody gets to see them. (what a pity) If you think Hollywood 's prejudiced against spiritual cinema, it's nothing compared with the prejudice against shorter movies. (How can that be?! It's shocking, what with such excellent examples of the genre such as Hannah about...) That's unfortunate, because many great movies are made each year that never get seen due to being only an hour or a half-hour long. Apart from those Oscar nominated shorts, right dude?

There are lots of evenings when I don't have time to watch a feature-length movie. That's when I really feel blessed, because I have access to wonderful, deeply-moving films I can see in under an hour. Wow! What a great idea! I don't have time to watch a long film, so I'll watch a shorter film instead! Genius! I had not thought of that!

Movies that inspire, heal and transform our lives

Each movie you receive is selected for its spiritual and psychological depth (a.k.a. brainwashing...) and its value in enriching your life (yeh, it'll make me realise how all these years I've been alone, how all I need to do is give Reverend Moon my life savings and all will be well...)

In addition to movies, you'll get my newsletter, full of reviews and useful information about the new world of spiritual cinema. Just what I've always wanted.

Play it forward, plant it forward

The CIRCLE is a wonderful new way to advance the cause of spiritual cinema. When you receive your DVDs each month, you're encouraged to "Play it forward" by inviting friends and family into The CIRCLE to watch the movies with you. (As a special bonus, and to offset any environmental impact of sending your DVDs each month, The CIRCLE will plant a tree in your honor when you become a member of the community. Your membership becomes a way to "Plant it forward" as well as "Play it forward").
Oh please....environmental issues caused by sending a monthly DVD? Wow, they're going to plant me a tree! I wonder if I'll get a photo of it?

You are helping us start an evolution - with your eyes and ears. Whooooooa! An evolution?! What's going to happen - do we all develop extra ocular powers to allow us to see in spiritual 3D?

It's a special kind of evolution, one that you can enjoy in your living room. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I don't wanna die! If I watch their films, my ears are gonna evolve!!!!!!

Evolution...hmmm...gee, this wouldn't eventually result in me appreciating all sorts of short films, would it? You know...films like Hannah...

I hope you will join me in showing Hollywood how big the worldwide spiritual cinema community really is. Yeah! The masses will evolve! The students will build barricades! Forth the evolution!In the name of Reverend Moon!

I hope you'll join me in saying NO to endless recycled, unimaginative films and YES to inspiring, moving spiritual cinema. ...I'll think about it...

That's it! Yeah!

For less than the cost of three tickets to the latest Nightmare On Elm Street sequel #18 or Die Hard Version 37, you get at least three entertaining Spiritual Cinema experiences every month - and never have to send anything back....even if you want to...

PLUS, you are contributing to the growth of spiritual cinema in the world. By encouraging filmmakers to make more of the kind of movies you and I want to see, you have a direct influence on the future of the industry. Oh, absolutely...


Here's what one of our (2) subscribers has to say about The Spiritual Cinema Circle:
"These movies really have (not) been fantastic. It is (not) an incredible deal for $21 a month (plus S&H), and it can('t) make a change in the world by promoting something different than the usual fare of violence and special effects (however it can make profits for the director dude). These movies have real depth (like Hannah), real meaning (like Hannah), real people in them (like Hannah), and can touch something spiritual and awaken it (like Hannah?!), where special effects movies leave one numb (with awe). I am showing them to groups of people, holding a Spiritual Cinema Night once a month on the third Friday(when there is a full moon, at witching hour). Response has been great! I encourage you to join. (OK, where is it held? Deepest darkest Peru per chance?)

Join the Circle today. Start to receive your new subscription within the next 30 days. You'll be so glad you did. I better be......

Warmest thoughts, And spiritual guidance

Stephen Simon
(co-deity of the Peruivan Llamas for Jesus movement)

P.S. We respect your privacy. Which is why you emailed me out of the blue without invitation. If you would rather not receive the occasional email, simply reply with Unsubscribe in Subject line. Thank you.

He was on to a loser all along. I like violent films. And as much as I want my soul enriched...well if that implies piano-drenched, soppy shorts about the heartwarming bond between grandmother and grandaughter...I'll give it a miss.

I checked out the site:

You can even listen to a recorded message from Mr Stephen Simon himself.

I agree with his point that the films we watch influence us, but I'm willing to take the risk.

Though I'm tempted. I want a look at "7 Ways to Make Every Spiritual Cinema Movie You Watch a Truly Sacred Experience" Driller Killer. Spiritual. That's gotta be worth a go.


Rob said...

Some people get all the luck...All I even wanted was a small cult following me around to show me movies. But nooooo, all I get is someone who makes a complaint about the short film we make for school

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