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Do not forsake me oh my darling...

Today's post is all about High Noon. Only it isn't really, I'm just drawing a comparison.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm starting a film club at my school in an attempt to change a few lives, get a few acolytes and have the fun of arranging it.

If it gets going, I may have theme months - I'd like to do the 30s and show Some Like it Hot, Chicago, The Sting and stuff. My English teacher suggests I do Kubrick. I didn't point out that not only were several of his films too unpleasant for the 12 rating club I'm aiming at, they were mostly also waaaay too long to slip into a 90 minute slot.

It was the first meeting today - I was showing Edward Scissorhands - and I wanted a couple of mates along for moral support.

High Noon is about a sherrif who learns the gang he put behind bars has just been released, and they're coming for revenge. He goes around all his friends, hoping to find someone to help defend the town, as the clock ticks ominously towards noon. I found myself thinking about it after a few of my friends had managed to excuse themselves. Luckily for me, I managed to get two of seven allies to turn up.

Unluckily for me, my metaphorical Miller's gang had something better to do - it was just me and my two friends who turned up. Never mind, I'm going to try again on Friday...


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