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Films I'm looking forward to...

SALE AT WOOLWORTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely worth the exclamation marks; Dad came home with The Sting, Usual Suspects, Syriana, Spy Game and a Genesis dvd. That is one exciting pile!

Having gone slightly miserable after a week's deprivation of films, I finally decided to remedy it by setting my alarm clock for 6:30 and getting half of L.A. Confidential in before school. Which was great, up until the point I was too dozy to remember what day it was and got dropped off in the wrong place, resulting in a 10 minute walk. Not so good...

On the other hand, at the end of that walk was my film studies class which today revolved around staring at
this for 15 minutes. We were doing posters, see? We had to read things into them - one of the guys in the class described it as "very rock and roll", which I thought was a fab description.

Unfortunately we then did
a less-good poster. This is actually a vast improvement on the one we looked at - it doesn't have the lame taglines "The legend comes to life" and "The classic tale of conscience, conviction and something else beginning with c", and the colours don't clash as much. A totally horrible effort in every way.

And now for the main feature. For once, I'm looking forward to seeing films which haven't actually come out yet! To celebrate, I thought I'd list them here in case it doesn't happen again!

17 The Departed - looks kinda interesting...

16 American Gangster - its at the bottom because I've only just heard of it, and beyond the fact Ridley Scott is directing I don't really know much more.

15 Grindhouse - yay new Tarantino film for me to complain about not having seen!

14 The Prestige - starring Michael Caine, it's about a battle between two rival magicians in Victorian-ish London. The trailer is somewhat lousy, but I am curious. And it starrs Christian Bale, spouting a mean tash...and I've a friend who adores Hugh Jackman, so we'll probably go...

13 Pathfinder - OK, this is the plot as far as I can remember. There's a Viking who is rescued and brought up by Red Indians. When the Indians and Vikings start fighting, he's got to choose between his true family and the people he has grown to love. And the love interest is a girl called Starfire. High art it ain't, in fact it's bound to be awful...

12 Alatriste - I've a history of throwing wobblies when bumping into actors I've seen in something great in something else. In some cases, I flatly refuse to watch things. This may be one of them. Or it may be not - I don't know, wait till the time comes. Anyway, it seems ok.

11 The Fountain - Friend-who-likes-Hugh wants to see this too, and I'll admit I'm intrigued.

10 Southland Tales - I've heard this isn't very good. Does it matter? Of course not! Still wanna see it anyway...

9 DOA: Dead or Alive - secret tournament of expert fighters takes place on mysterious island? Count me in! This is the last "it's going to be awfuls", honest. And I am anticipating lots of scantily clad females kicking ass, but I kinda fell in love with the
teaser...I think it was the chick in purple with purple hair which did it. Mary Sue alert! It's Charlie's Angels meets Hero...

8 Batman: the Dark Knight - more Gary Oldman please. If this is the same quality as the first one, then I'm all eyes...

7 The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - wow, uber-spoiler name of all time, and not one for the verbally challenged. a) it's a western. I thought they didn't make westerns any more?! Not complaining... b) it's got Brad Pitt in it.

6 Pan's Labyrinth.
Thishas me written all over it. Hopefully it'll be like Brother's Grimm without the rubbish bits.

5 Black Dahlia - fell in love with the poster - I cut it out from the back page of the Culture and it's now on my bedroom wall. I calmed down after seeing the trailer, which was disappointing, but I'm still looking forward to it. I found a curious James Ellroy quote about L.A. Confidential - "[the actors]...they don't look like I imagined them, but they are now indelibly my people." While on the subject of James Ellroy, I took The Cold Six Thousand out of the library - and put it back three days later. I simply could not get to grips with his style resulting in serious confusion, stumbling over slang.

4 Lady in the Water - it's not reaally new, but it still hasn't come to our cinema and it is recent.

3 Tideland - Terry Gilliam makes new film!!!!!! It's so small and arty our cinema won't touch it!!!!!!!!!!! It'd better be out on DVD in time for my birthday!!!!!!

2 Hot Fuzz - Aside from nos 4 and 1, this is the only one I'll be seriously disappointed if it's rubbish. Possibly because a lot of the ones at the bottom I already know are going to be rubbish. But please, in the name of Orson Welles, let this be good! The title is the campest thing ever, and Simon Pegg's costume cracks me up. I can't wait!

...aaaand finally...drumroll...

1 The Hobbit! - yeh I know it's not certain news yet, don't you dare rain on my parade! The word on the street is MGM has the rights, New Line are going to distribute and PJ's up to direct! Though he claims he wants nothing to do with it. Well, that shaky and not too reliable titbit is way enough for me...

Final word: done a bit of counting up. Do you know I've seen R+G 9 times at least this year? That's phenominal! I never watch films more than twice a year - I don't think I've even seen Zulu 9 times!


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