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How to make Frank's rabbit mask...

This is far far far too late, and I'm very very sorry. But you've still almost got enough time...

You will need:
-sellotape (lots)
-tin foil
-assorted bowls and maths text books to prop up the fragile mask while it dries
-cardboard box
-A good picture of the mask
-Papier mache gear – wallpaper paste etc.
-A decent pair of sunglasses. Dark or dark blue, preferably reflective and with a slight bulge. I had a perfect pair the year I tried this.
-paint of some sort. Spray paint works well - in either grey, blue or silver
-Hair dryer. Always useful in emergencies.

Step 1 – Put on the sunglasses and then cover your face in strips of clingfilm, leaving space for your nose. I take no responsility for any deaths caused by following these instructions. Cover the clingfilm in sellotape, then remove the mask. It should be pretty well formed around your face shape. You don’t have to sellotape the sunglasses into the mask, but it does help if you’re wearing them when you shape the thing. You might need to get help with this bit - find a friend you trust.

Step 2 - make the ears. I used scrunched rolls of tin foil - follow a picture to get the shape. Sellotape onto the mask.

Step 3 - the nose - a rectangular cardboard strip folded twice to form a /----\ shape. Sellotape in place.

Step 4 - the mouth. This is the trickiest bit - you will need to make an upper and lower lip shape out of cardboard (mine was kinda a semicircle, but everyone's face is different so just experiment...). The teeth I made with small rolls of newspaper, sellotaped roughly so they look crooked individually, and then wedge them at crooked angles into the mouth.

Check the picture at every opportunity. If you like, try building up a more frank-y face shape with newspaper before Step 5…

Step 5 – the mask should now be taking pretty good shape, so now the inevitable papier mache. Cover it all. If you like, you can cover the bit at the back as well – having your face that close to clingfilm is not a very nice experience for longer than half a minute. The less sticky you make it, the longer it’ll have time to dry, and considering Halloween’s tomorrow…well, sorry I couldn’t get the instructions up earlier. I was in London, drooling at their cinephile shops. I was this close to getting a Frank action figure, but it was unreasonably expensive. Ditto the fully poseable Mr Orange.

Step 6 – Leave to dry. If you’re in a hurry, use a hair dryer, but I’m not sure whether this wouldn’t make it worse.

Step 7 – spray paint. Preferably shiny blue, but grey will suffice.

Step 8 – Put on the sunglasses, followed by the mask. Damned if I know where to get a full fluffy rabbit suit from (I just wore blue), though you could probably add the eye wound. Practice speaking in a spooky way.

That was from memory. If anybody tries it, I’d like to see how it turned out. We're debating whether to watch Aliens or Dog Soldiers tomorrow, which should be excellent.


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