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Written in a state of shock

Last night we watched most of JFK.

Oh my.

Here's the deal - I'm doing a speech competition thing with friends 3 and 4 on conspiracy theories. We're mentioning Roswell, Watergate (cue search for copy of All the President's Men), and while not actually having time to do the assasination, we do need to be able to look good in a Q&A session afterwards, and I'd describe this one as a bit of a biggie.

So I tried reading a bit, but watching this sounded like a better idea. As I've said, oh my. This may actually be the best film I've ever seen. Liking films is a bit like falling in love - you have friends you turn to with specific problems or moods, you have people you respect, you're infatuated with or, like Miss Moneypenny, you've always liked really despite dalliances with other flicks.

So this is something of an infatuation as yet, but still...unbelievable. The editing is brilliant, plain brilliant. Brought tears to my eyes, that's how impressive it was. And then mes parens made me go to bed (very very reluctantly) so I'm going to see the rest this afternoon.

My personal view on the matter is this - yeh, conspiracy. And it's not on account of the film either, which is fantastic, but propaganda for one side. It's because Marilyn Monroe died in 62, Kennedy in 63, Malcom X in 65, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy in 68 and Castro's death was actively being planned throughout the period. That's a whole lot of suspicious deaths, and all linked in a roundabout sort of way. If one body (Mafia/CIA etc) were going through a phase of thinking these people were proper threats, and that it was their right to deal with them, or just having the resources available to do it...I'm just gonna say it looks like they're connected. But what do I know - I'd have to do a lot more research to actually find evidence to back this up.


Will said...

How much of it did you get through? Because the last fifteen minutes is the best part of the consiracy stuff when they bring it al together in court.

Ninquelosse said...

They'd just arrested Clay Shaw - wonderful, wonderful acting from Tommy Lee Jones.

That's not the worst of it - the video must have died during recording and actually, that's about all I'm gonna see unless I find the dvd.

Will said...

Well find the DVD fast because the last fifteen minutes is the best part of the movie.

By the way, thanks for visiting my blog.

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