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In case you're missing those certain special words, me and my sis spent half an hour coming up with some touching poems for you. Most of them are my sisters, I add. I just spent a long time trying to rhyme "Herzog". I gotta post this now, because I'm going to Dublin next week to see Hot Fuzz on a proper screen. Well...actually, it's a school history trip, but I'm obvs more excited about going to the cinema

I watch you fondly
Like Serenity
We should be together
for eternity.
(my sister tells me this is pararhyme...whatever that means...)

Perhaps you don't like Hitchcock
Or maybe you do
I'm waiting here like Vertigo
sick with love for you

I'm watching a film
it kinda relates
We should do this -
its 50 first dates

I may not be as hot
as Dead or Alive
but if we don't date
I might not survive

I love you as much
as The Lord of the Rings
When I think of you
My heart, it sprouts wings!

I'm watching Singing in the Rain
My heart's getting wetter
You may have a girlfriend,
but I love you better.

I'm watching a movie -
it's called Pulp Fiction
Oh *insert names here*
you are my addiction...

I'm watching a movie
It's called Walk the Line
Oh *insert names here*
Won't you be mine?

I'm watching a movie -
it's Jean de Florette
I've been longing for you
since the day that we met.

We both really like
Saturday Night Fever.
You know we're in love
and you really should leave her...

I'm watching this movie
- it's Reservoir Dogs
I long for youer kisses,
I yearn for your snogs...

I've waited for you
Longer than Brick
Lets be an item
and lets go out quick.

You are as hot
as the winner at Cannes
I've loved you for ages
Won't you be my man?

We go together
Like Thelma and Louise
Our love is undying -
Marry me please

You like Pulp Fiction
and I like Grease
our love is undying
and will never cease

(PS, the chap I jokingly have in mind likes PF. I add jokingly because he's good looking, but we've never spoken, and I have no interest in speaking to him. Just to clear that up.)

Ever since we chatted
about Snakes on a Plane
I've been stone in love with you
can't get you off my brain...

We watch Taxi Driver
straight after tea
I'm talkin' to you
You talkin' to me?

I was remembering fondly
when we saw Memento tommorow

Feel free to add any other verses in the comments box. And do tell if you actually use any of the above, I'd be interested to see if they work.

PS - today I met with the Cinema Club people for coffee. Had a very nice chat about Run, Lola, Run. Then they handed over Les Choristes and Kiki's Delivery Service and said "please review and write program notes by the 21st in time for our showing on the 17th." Which made little/no sense. But oh well


Will said...

Hey those were great! I liked...

I'm watching Singing in the Rain
My heart's getting wetter
You may have a girlfriend,
but I love you better.


I was remembering fondly
when we saw Memento tommorow

Emily, you correctly guessed that I was going to watch R+G for my Alphabet Movie project. As a reward you get to pick a movie for me to watch and review.

Anonymous said...

Pararhyme is when it's not so much.... oh nevermind - you wouldn't understand. By the way guys - I am the creative genius behind half of these:

I'm writing this card
And watching The Matrix
If guys/girls were flowers
You're the one I would pick

Not my greatest, but it's wortha try! Btw I've updated

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