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Here's a quiz I've been thinking about making for a while (indeed, ever since seeing number 1...) . I wanted the theme to be "time passing" notices, but I couldn't actually find enough. That's why I don't make more quizzes - my dvd collection is just too small. And obviously, this should be easy for my family...

Anyway, in true-o quiz style, there are two B&W to suggest I'm cultured and well-watched, there's a nigh-on-impossible one, there's one that's really cheating and it's got 11 questions, just to be contrary (though the last question has two pictures, because it's super tricky)

All you got to do is name the movie. And if you like, point out how I cheated...













Anonymous said...

Well I got 7... but I have the added bonus of knowing what DVDs we have in the house. But then I have the disadvantage of not having seen many of said DVDs so all's fair. Here's a clue for Number 5: It's my favourite movie! Good luck everyone!

Catherine said...

Here's where I show off my ignorance.

1. Kill Bill
2. 28 Days Later (?)
4. Donnie Darko
9. The Fellowship of the Ring

Yeah, that was atrocious. I'm still thinking about them though...

Will said...

okay, some total guesses here.

1) Don't be a menace in south central...

2) Umm... 28 days later?

5) Donnie Darko

6) Blackhawk Down


Cool quiz, hard quiz.

Ninquelosse said...

Note to self: make next quiz easier.

1 - Pulp Fiction

2 - yup, it is 28 Days Later. I was getting desperate

3 - Spy Game (Robert Redford and Brad Pitt?! It's like all my xmases come early...)

4 - Donnie Darko

5 - Brick (I recommend this to anyone who likes pretty, pretty films)

6 - Black Hawk Down

7 - Les Enfants du paradis (never let it be said that I have lowbrow film taste!)

8 - The Longest Day (all about D-Day)

9 - Fellowship of the Ring

10 - it's, er *cough*, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

11 - Brazil. I thought that one was pretty tricky; but as it turns out, they all were. Ooops...

3/11 and 4/11...erm, yes the next quiz will be easier...honest...

Anonymous said...

And 7/11!!! Don't deny the fact that I actually got a good mark meh loverly! And yeah everyone, watch Brick. My favourite film!

Will said...

Don't make it easier on account of us. The more the challenge the more the fun when we get it right.

Ninquelosse said...

Yes, Aly, but the fact you were in the room when I was making it... XD

The problem with movie quizzes is it simply comes down to how many films you've seen. Excepting for poster/tgline ones, they're all things you either know or don't know.

Catherine said...

Yeah...I'm pretty annoyed I missed Brick because I loved that film. And I was so close with number 1 - I knew it was Tarantino anyway...

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