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Patience is a virtue...and so's being 18

Every now and then, I watch Blade Runner and wax lyrical about how wonderful it is. Naturally, I prefer the director's cut, on the grounds that a) preferring directors cuts is the pretentious way to go b) general consensus is that cut's better and c) it's, er, the only one I've seen...

I would like to see the original version though, just to confirm I'm right. The exciting news is, we are soon to have a third version of the film to debate.

I know. Take an acclaimed film, recut and release a classic. Take a classic, recut and...where is there to go from here? Are they adding things, taking things away? Is there actually anything left to add? No idea...I've scoured the web, and information isn't really forthcoming.

What I can tell you for sure is it's coming out 2007 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film, although they've been working on it since 2000. So far, all anyone will do is talk about it in a vague language that actually means nothing. Links, in case you can make any more sense of it:

While they're claiming this is Ridley Scott's final vision, I can't help but think "marketing ploy!" to sell us new bumper-12-disc-sets. Ridley Scott is, after all, the king of the directors cut - he practically invented it. We've had improved versions of Alien, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator...anyway, I know I shouldn't be excited, but I am.

Final note: today has been very un-psychadelic. I've had an utterly awful time. I'm having one of those crying-on-my-own sort of evenings. And the only reason I want you guys to care is that dearest darlingest Bob and Harvey Weinstein have just exacerbated it.

Here's the news:

And here's the reaction. I usually dislike AICN, but they do get the goss first, and the people who write their comments feel OK with spilling into somewhat fouller language than I'm happy to use on a blog my parents could read: But just to let you know. I'm thinking it.

What pillocks - what idiot, twazzock numpties. The people who were never going to see it, are still not going to see it (they weren't put off by the length, but the concept. How many people research a film's running time before seeing it?) and now the natural audience, the gorehounds who're intrigued by the promise of White-Hot-Action-At-3000-Miles-Per-Hour, who have been waiting patiently for the film to come out have been royally screwed and aren't going to see it either.

As I've already said, my dad's not interested, so I couldn't get him to take me anyway. If it was even showing locally, which it won't be. This just compiles the misery of ways I'm not going to be able to see it. I mean seriously, someone needs to get ahold of a proper print and tour it round England in the back of a truck with an open air screen or something. Hell, it'd probably enhance the viewing experience. I mean, jeez, it's a sad world if Tarantino can't get the film he made shown as it was meant to be (no disrespect to Rodriguez, the point I'm trying to make is that QT is virtually as large as modern directors get) - even if you hate him, you can't deny that he's made at least two massively successful and popular films, and there'll be a large cabal of enthusiastic, drooling fans waiting over here. Surely the Brits (who picked Reservoir Dogs up when the Americans missed it, no less. We launched his whortleberry-pie-creaming career!) deserve to see it properly?!

Makes you realise that poor sods like Terry Gilliam have no chance.


Rob said...

It's been split and delayed for Australia too. It's probably going to be R18+ here but I do have a friend at the local cinema who may be able to help me get around that.

It's a pity though, because it's really defeating the entire purpose. Still, perhaps once both PT and DP have been released, some cinemas may do back-to-backs with the extended versions

Will said...

Emily, I'm sorry you are going to miss the whole Grindhouse experience. I agree totally, they should show the same film everywhere.

Will said...

For what it's worth, Death Proof is the better of the two. And from reading your Monday post about Tarrantino, you should be happy to know that all of the strongest charaters in Death Proof (5 of the main ones) are female.

Catherine said...

Irrelevant to this post, but we went out for my sister's birthday this evening and the menu featured dishes called Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange and Nice Guy Eddie. Thought you'd appreciate that!

Ninquelosse said...

I'm hoping some cinemas will still opt to show them as a pair, (though so far only Death Proof has a release date - Planet Terror may not arrive at all)

~> Catherine - you're right, I really really appreciate it. Wowie! And now to speculate about which meals got which names...(Orange was surely curry or bolognaise?)PS happy birthday to your sis.

Anonymous said...

Oh God now she's going to insist we find this bar just so she can worship the Mr. Orange dish... I wonder if any of them are Big Kahuna Burgers (it really is a tasty burger!) or a $5 shake.

Haha I can refernece movies!!!

Ninquelosse said...

Ooooooh, good idea...yeh, where exactly was this bar? :)

Catherine said...

It was in Dublin, a place called Five. I can't quite remember what the different foods were, I do know they were all pizzas though.

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