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Gangster life lessons

Here is MSN movies "ten things gangster films have taught us". You can read the original site here, or you can read my abridged spoiler-free version below:

...and you might want to pick your favourite illustrative example for each...

1. Don’t betray the mob - If you want to mix with wise guys, the first law that needs to be recognised is the rule of silence (Omerta). This means that if you talk to the wrong people, you’re going to get whacked.

2. Gangsters like swearing - There’s a scene in Casino where Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci meet up in the desert outside Vegas for an argument. In two minutes (we’ve timed it), the word ‘f*ck’ is said an extraordinary 21 times. Casino’s total usage of the f word tallies to an extraordinary 398. Goodfellas isn’t far behind on 300. If you want to get in with the mob, get with the foul language.

3. Don’t think too much of yourself - There are plentiful examples of wannabe gangsters thinking they’re all that and getting offed as a result.

4. Stay off the drugs - An excessive drug-fuelled lifestyle may seem like the ideal reward for a successful mobster. But the white powder will ultimately be your downfall.

5. Try not to get shot in the stomach - it's really painful. XD

6. Don’t screw with Joe Pesci - Standing an entire five feet and four inches tall, Joe is probably the most vicious mobster that ever lived. Just look what happened to the guy who...they both regretted messing with Joe. Be warned!

7. If you’re a cop and you’re coming up to retirement. Watch out! - If you’re thinking of coming back for one last job before retiring, we seriously suggest you reconsider.

8. Don’t sit in the front seat of the car - Here’s a fact: the interior of a car is the most common setting for a murder scenes in the movies.

9. If you’re gonna kill someone, kill them! - Revenge is a classic theme across the gangster genre. Wise guys are not the types to drop a vendetta so, if you’re going to go for someone, make sure the guy is good and dead.

10. Don’t start your car in a quiet car park at night - There’s probably a bomb in it.


Rob said...

Wow, I went to the original list and what a spoilerific collection that is. Not a bad list, though.

Plus they're damn right about messing with Joe Pesci

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