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I hate misleading trails...

It appears that honest trading standards do not apply to the movie business. Hey, let's put the words QUENTIN TARANTINO in big letters in both the Hero and Hostel trailers, even though he's just the producer! Let's cut together the Spy Game trailer from a single five minute sequence in the movie, to make it look like a slick action movie! Instead of a meditative talky thriller. Let's trail Solaris - as a love story! Instead of a slow paced I-don't-know-what.

I'm sure you've all got your favourite example of misleading movie trails. Sometimes you've just got to be prepared for disappointment. And so we come on to the tantalisingly named movie Changeling, which has already got my fantasty-fan juices boiling. The tagline, too small to read on that poster, is "To find her son she did what no one else dared".

That had better be pass through the labirynth of eternal darkness, find the three Keys to the three Gates of Dawn and finally challenge the Knight Mare guarding the Tower of Silence with a sword of pure Ebonyte, or else I'm going to be pretty damned disappointed...


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