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Greatest actors as voted by actors and vetted by me!

Last night I watched the rest of the Howevermany Greatest Actors of all time list, as voted for by actors. I didn’t really have an opinion…I don’t like acting – I can do it anywhere but the stage – and while I respect actors basically for their immense bravery, I don't want to be one. People who don't act can't judge. And indeed, as I have seen few De Niro/Brando/Hopkins/Pacino movies (although I can vouch for Johnny Depp as great!) I can't really comment. Except on that Restaurant scene - the extract from which sent me into hysterics. I'm still feeling a bit rosy...[back to AP's acting skills in a moment.]

But the thing I really took issue with was the link between two of the actors: “Christopher Walken has absolutely nothing to do with James Stewart, except from the fact they are both on this list.”

Says who?! Anyway, off I go on my self-appointed quest to discover another similarity when I found that…

...the narrator was right after all. They’re both male actors, they both have s and e in their names, they’re American and Jimmy lost a son in Vietnam and Chris played a son in Vietnam, but after those rather tenuous links any similarity ends. What a disappointment! Well, it's official - and remember - you heard it here first!

[back to AP's acting skills right now!] I told you I'd return!

Question number one: would you or would you not say that Michael was absolutely the lead character in the Godfather?

OK, question number two: would you or would you not say that the internet should have more pictures of a main character than, say, any other character?

No contest on the second one - I always go for minor characters and I can vouch for the fact that they're impossible to find. Except this time, this time when they seem to have forgotten who their antihero is. Typical...

Last film watched: Can't remember. It was a very long time ago. Several days at least!

Anyone who knows where to find good pictures of Michael should comment and make me feel important.


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