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Lead us not into temptation...

So this week, the next, the next and the next is study leave. Only it's not really, as the last two weeks are really exams. I've been revising solid (hehehe), and have just finished a rather tacky poem about the Nazi party.

Film watching is, of course, at rock bottom. I saw Withnail and I two nights ago (I liked it, but I'm not sure how to rate it...) and I may be watching Three Kings on Friday.

Of course, being alone at home for 4 weeks does produce some interesting dielemmas. Such as "There are a lot of hours in the day and I've plenty of revision time left and no one will mind if I just sit down and..."

To prevent against such an occourance, I've leant my precious Godfather Boxed set to a friend for the duration of the period, which so far has worked wonders. It means I revise, instead of giving in to temptation. And if you can recall, watching those films produces an alarming reaction in which I think about nothing else for several weeks, which is hardly a good state of mind.

I couldn't possibly ask for it back. It's only been gone three days.

Number of times missed (so far): 5. On Monday I invited a friend for a filmwatch over the weekend, and realised I'd have to show her something else. Tuesday was the third anniversary of the worst event in my life ever and I damn well wanted to be distracted. This morning I just wanted to watch it. Sad, isn't it...


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