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Facibo ipse praebeo hic non est nego...

Been doing much hard revision, between pining for my missing boxset. My kind friend who is currently taking good care of it (I think...) keeps sending me ransom letters, containing photos of it in perilous situations. She's even started on shredded bits of black paper. Of course, I don't believe for an instant it's actually from my precious DVDs...not one bit...not worried at all...if she puts a scratch on it, she's going to be in trouble...

Apart from introducing her to my little friend, she'll regret it anyway...I bought her a present for when I get it back. Nothing big, but I think she'll like it. After all, I know how to repay a favour...

Luckily enought, I've been saving up programs such as "Hollywood Greats: Marlon Brando" and "The Godfather and the Mob", which I'm clinging to for short, out of context clips.
Both were interesting. I know think Mr Brando 4 million times cooler than I did before. The man seems to despise Hollywood, doing consistently crappy films purely for the cash. Waste of talent? Whatever, I admire him for it...they also included a film of him flirting with a journalist. She was entranced, as was I - he is very...very good.
"The Godfather and The Mob"was ok too, only they evidently couldn't afford the rights to the music, which meant we had to sit through a torturous substitute. Imagine the main theme with the horn, only change random notes so you can't be sued. Horrible...the content was OK though, some very interesting stuff. Luca Brasi was played by a real hit man, for example, who wanted a change of career. And James Caan got under police supervision because he was seen hanging around with real mobsters.

In fact, I've got an awful lot to chat about today. But as I'm meant to be revising, I'll save it as it's pretty unconnected. Most of it. Apart from this bit.
Nice website, eh? Timelines, the tree from part two, a map of the Don's office...Christ, the man's even more obsessive than me. None of that, however, was what got my pulse going. What sprung out at me was an address: "Luna Restaurant located on White Plains Road just off Gun Hill Road in The Bronx, New York. "

Which is pretty convenient for my sister, because she wants to visit NY as her favourite author lives there, and she's known for going to dinner with fans. And it's pretty convenient for me, because if I have to listen to the two of them discuss those awful books for a few hours, I might be ready to come out of the loo with a gun in my hands...

Hypothetically, of course. I've almost certainly told you the story about the first time I visited a restaurant after watching said film. If I haven't, you can probably guess my reaction. Needless to say I said nothing for the entire meal, and I didn't eat much of my pasta either...I'm a self-confessed coward, and I'd probably have a heart attack if I came within a meter of the place, and you didn't see me last year when we did the Lord of the Rings locations which was my idea of torture, but still...*makes waving motions with hands, as if somehow that will make explaning easier*

Final word - I've now got a playlist of movie music. It's great! From the sweeping Last of the Mohecans and Out of Africa tunes, to the panifully cool Matrix and Kill Bill, through the electro cheese of Highlander and Top Gun to a version of "Raindrops keep Falling on my Head" sung in Japanese and French (I know...). And the Godfather theme tune. Of course. Anyway, here's the link to it:

It's a seriously cool list of music...


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