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My new revision schedule

The old one was faulty, and hinged on me promising myself to watch The Godfather at the end of the day if I'd worked hard. Obviously there's a problem there. So here's my new plan:

Maths - A Beautiful Mind. There is a bit of maths in there. Though it's more like economics...the scene where he applies a random theorem to picking up girls is excellent.

English -Regeneration. We're doing the war poets, pity us...

Latin - The Passion of the Christ. So it's not exactly Rome, but it uses real latin which is cool!

Chemistry - Syriana. Crude oil, fractional distillation...there just hasn't been enough big budget action flicks about esterification, don't you think?

Biology - Evolution. Wonderful film! Product placement forever!

French - Jean de Florette. Parce que je l'aime. S'agit un region chaud en France, et un bataille pour l'eau. Aussi, c'est les lapins! Et Gerard Depardeu, qui (a mon avis) est pas beau...

Art - Sin City. Because I did a page on it. In fact, I didn't. I was going to but ran out of time. And because it was no longer relevant to my project. Any excuse though, eh?

History - 13 Days. That's the name isn't it? All about the Cuban Missile Crisis. I considered Downfall, but we only really do the rise of Hitler, and Stalingrad but we skim over the Second World war, or Apocalypse Now but we don't even mention Vietnam, I just want to watch it...hmmm, what other films can I think of with the Cuban Missile Crisis? Or indeed the Cuban revolution...ooooh, there's one there! I distinctly remember a New Years Eve party on the last day of 1958. Now what film was that? Can't think of any at all...

Physics - Apollo 13, but that's rather a stretch. It's the only physics film I can think of. Longitudinal waves hardly make compelling cinema...


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