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All I need are minds for molding....

I've been revising today. And nothing else. No watching movies. No thinking about movies. Nope, just hard work...

A mathematical analysis of the age of the Total Film top 100 - which era was most favoured?

Best five years:1970-1975 - 16% of the list
Followed by: 1975-1980 - 13% of the list
Worst years: 1925-1935 - 2% of the list each

Applied physics...

The Memento fan's maths revision

(Films seen - King of Comedy (good, but nothing to write home about. Doesn't deserve place in Total Film's 100. However clever the creation of such an infuriating character, it's still unbearable to spend an hour and a half with him. I still don't get Robert De Niro...), Hamlet (excruciatingly strange, seeing it from the normal point of view again. It's the first time since Rosencrantz and G are Dead, you see...interesting production design, nice adaption, a bit of nice acting and a lot of violence let down by a Hamlet who looks like Ben Affleck, with all the acting talent that implies) and Robin and Marion (Dad says "Oh no, that's awful! Sean Connery and Richard Gere?" I correct him; the film he means is First Knight, and yes it is awful. But as it turned out this wasn't that much better. I've come to the conclusion the great SC can't act. Richard Harris is great at the start though, John is sweet, Marion painfully beautiful. A couple of good lines here and there but let down by character stupidity. I'm talking about "Leave him - this one's mine!", the Sherrif not picking Robin off with crossbows as he climbs the wall, the Sherrif agreeing to single combat when he has the advantage, Robin leaving the forest when he has the advantage...well at least they didn't use fire arrows! All in all, pretty bad, but John and Marion's scene was wonderful and the final scene pretty shattering. Rather unhinged, actually. I know the Robin story well, and I had an inkling of where it was going when they mentioned Kirkby, but I must say the abbess thing went straight over my head!)


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