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The rise and rise of the Sundance Kids.

Last night I had a dream. And the reason I'm telling you this is because absolutely nothing film-related has happened to me for ages and I feel I should post something, and plus - it might be important.

I was in a room, the walls were covered with shelves of Japanese films and it was all in all a very nice place to be. Anyway, I gather it was a fancy dress party because a pair of chaps had dressed up as Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction. I grinned at them and said "So, what's in the briefcase?" and the chap holding the briefcase, for some inexplicable reason shook his head. I nodded my head in reply. And then the dream ended. I think it's an omen. Just don't ask me what of.
Update: that brings the total number of dreams about films I haven't seen over the last few months up to 3. Which is really pretty disturbing. And one of my friends (another one, this is Friend 5) reports she's been dreaming about Reservoir Dogs, presumably because I mentioned it once or twice.

Empire came yesterday, containing a double sided poster - the history of influential 70s movies on one side, and influential 90s movies on the other. Well I decided to put the 90s side up so I rearranged my existing posters and it now has pride of place. It was the first thing that I saw when I woke up yesterday, so that made me very happy. I haven't got anything really intelligent to say about it, so if you're expecting a critical analysis of the 100 films selected then sorry. And as I've only seen 11 of them...I'm working on it!

More news...last night me and two companions went to a restaurant, were seated at a round table and I was the only one to visit the bathroom. This trip was made worse by the fact neither of them has seen anything, and everyone's sick of me talking about films. So I had to keep my mouth shut...

And finally, I've sent Casablanca back to the library along with my father and instructions to bring back either:
1 - Ingmar Bergman's Persona. Because the title says it all.
2 - 2001:A Space Odyessy. So I can say I've seen it. And so I can say I've seen Kubrick, and no other reason. On the other hand, my mum said "oooh, that was strange that was - I'm not really sure I quite understood it", so it sounds like my sort of thing.
3 - 1/3 of the Dollars trilogy. I loaded up my playlist with absolutely fab Ennio Morricone music, and it's really got me in the mood.

Sorry it's just chat today, I haven't really done anything interesting recently.


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