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Thoughts on out of africa.

I rewatched Out of Africa last night. Lovely script, in's still a great film. It's really warm where we are. I was lying on the floor watching the film swoop over a great view, and then mentally panned right to where our window-door was open revealing a stunning sky over the sea in my garden. Absolutely stunning.

I was struck with lots of things. For example, our Karen has the worst luck. She falls for three totally unreliable men, when all she wants is stability. And a spoilery thing is that Denys spends the whole film in close proximity to oranges. Now is this just my obsessive padrinophile streak (On my MMORPG, you can by 50HP oranges, but my party have stopped getting them because they're sick of being reminded that they're CURSED) or intentional homage, or a coincidence? I suppose one thing would be to check the release dates, but wouldn't that be dull...


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