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Just a link dump today - mostly on the topic of "top tens"... - interesting site, even more interesting top ten. I mean, ok the first few are predictable enough but I haven't even heard of 8 and 9... Interesting story. - this is a pretty interesting site (oh gum I just can't think of any synonyms for interesting today...). Just don't try the quizzes, they're mean. I wannna hear from anyone who can get more than 5 on any of them.

This site made me hopping mad, and I spent a long long time ranting, such a long time that I finally came around on myself and contradicted my original point. Such is life. I'll spare you...although when I myself work out what the hell I was going on about, I might post it.

If you have sympathies with the Black And White side of film making then you could do no worse than check out this site. Don't get me wrong, I really do like it - even if the top tens are all the sort of top tens I disapprove of. It's a nice place where they talk about these things seriously, and having just run the film-is-fun out of my system I'm in the mood for some psychoanalytical tosh. They won't talk about one film, unless they can reference another in the process. So if "Immanence And Transcendence In The Cinema Of Nature" is your sort of thing, head over there...

I like this guy. His view is a little like my view - I say a little, because after my complex and hidden rant I'm not sure what my view actually is.

Meanwhile, in real life, I've been agonising about where to put Reservoir Dogs on my ymdb account (surely not at the top?), and drooling over clips:
I finally decided to see the Brick trailer - Brick, being now virtually at the top of my want-to-see list (in fact, it is at the top. Sorry Fight Club. I can wait. I mean right at the top...). Looks excellent.
In case I haven't mentioned this one yet (and I think I might have) here's the teaser clips for Hot Fuzz. My my...I lied about Brick, by the way. It's second to Hot Fuzz. I haven't been this excited about anything since...well actually, hearing a Genesis reunion may be around the corner a few days back.

OMG. Could this trailer be any more outrageous?! I'm not saying it doesn't look good. In fact it looks pretty great. As fun as guys running gals over with monster trucks etc ever can be. Featuring, curiously enough, that-guy-from-Spy-Kids as another character named Machete.


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