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Where's your neck?!

Recovered from RockyHorrorness now...almost.

It was great! Ok, I was absolutely beat on the costume front. I was most impressed with the Riff Raffs (awesome character!), and with one of my drama teachers who was on stage in suspenders hosting the evening. And the guy who came as Rocky with merely a pair of gold hotpants. That was brave. And cold. I wore a lot of pink - I'll post a pic as soon as we get sent it.

I was one of those irritating people who shouted very loud, sung every word and generally beat everyone else using toast/cards/tooters etc by several minutes because they were all ignorant and useless... It was great, great fun, as fun as being pelted with rice and squirted with water in a public place can be. We got newspaper to shelter under - amusingly enough, mine was a lads mag and, I'm not kidding, it had 1 or more naked girl on every page. Honestly...

I still have rice in my boots, and I wanna go again!

Last night was awful (OK, it takes a few days for me to entirely compose a post so the timescale is pretty squiffy. I have had a bad evening sometime this week) I just got really morose, and it wasn't helped by mum suggesting I watched Reservoir Dogs to cheer myself up because it would have worked great, absolutley great. I told her she shouldn't be encouraging me. After all, three times in two an honour reserved for R+G... and also pretty obsessive.

Now what I really need is to bully a friend into seeing it. The rationale is something like this:
a) It's a sub-cult movie. It's no fun at all being a cult of one.
b) It's also no fun quoting, doodling main characters, recasting the film with friends and excitedly pointing out that one of the warehouses near our school is actually an abandoned mortuary if no one else gets the joke.
c) In fact, it's just plain no fun at all watching movies on your own. And this film in particular.
d) I'll be able to actually say all the rants which don't quite work on paper.
e) I'll be able to actually coo "Mr *insert colour* is so sweet", which also doesn't quite work on paper.
f) It'll stop me feeling really, really lonely when, eg, the harvest hymn contains innocent lines like "first the blade and then the ear"
g) It's a jolly good film. I've a duty, surely, to pass my good fortune on?
h) There is only one proven way to recapture the fun of seeing a film for the first time. And that's vicariously - by making someone else see it.

Unfortunately, I have some movie-morals, one of which is to only recommend a film if I think people will like it. And I have absolutely no point of reference here whatsoever. I mean, I didn't mind

Speaking of obsessive, there was a plus side to yesterday. I've finally downloaded a program which lets me screenshot DVDs and have gone into a perfect FRENZY of icon making. One film in particular. *hugs Rosencrantz and Guildenstern* They are so so so sweet. I think I managed about a screenshot a minute, and I've positively clogged up the hard-drive, but I don't care! OK, the R to G ratio is slightly (OK, totally...) skewed in G's favour. Whatever. They are making me exceedingly exceedingly happy.

At school we're doing King Henry IV part 2, and if that sounds involved and awful then you're totally right. It's not too bad, but I'd really really rather be doing Hamlet. No prizes for guessing why that is. On the other hand, it has kinda improved my appreciation of R+GaD. Such as the Players, with their incessant string of bawdy jokes, which I was reminded of at the beginning of act II, or Falstaff's comment that he was born "about three of the clock in the afternoon" i.e. when the play started, i.e. he didn't exist before that etc etc. My favourite moment so far is undoubtedly when Falstaff suggests he pretends to be the king, and Hal pretends to be himself and vice versa. Tom Stoppard evidently knows his Shakespeare very very well.

PS - This week we get our Progress Reviews. My film studies teacher made me laugh. His comment on my progress is, I kid you not, that "I need to have more confidence when expressing my views about film."


O-kay...I think we can do that. After all, I obviously lack courage in my opinions. What does he want me to do, correct him when he gets his facts wrong?!


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