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Well, an update on my film club. Which is going better than expected. Last time I mentioned it, I was feeling kinda downcast.

Edward Scissorhands might have been a success...only nobody turned up. So I wasn't feeling that enthusiastic about meeting two - Spirited Away. Well, excepting myself and Friend 4, three people turned up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of which had seen it before, but still - a whole three! I think they enjoyed it - we ran out of time to discuss it.

I've decided to try it once every two weeks from now on, which gives me time to agonise between meetings. This week: Strictly Ballroom. Heh. Well, I took it off the list when Friend 2 complained it was awful and when it got wiped off the video - but as my English teacher has a copy, I thought I'd give it a whirl. Plus, Batman from Filmwise mentioned it, which gives me a bit more confidence in it. I'm pretty sure they'll like it...if they turn up. *gushes about Baz Luhrmann*

I was going to try BCSK first, but by the looks of it, people are only coming to see films they're interested in - I don't (yet) have a core group turning up every week regardless - and most people avoid Westerns. I know it's not really a Western, but it looks like one...and plus, Friend 4 would probably dislike it.

Now what I really want to show is Run, Lola, Run. Mainly because it's only 70 mins, and I want to prove I can show something without overrunning (I have 120 minutes exactly, if we start the instant lessons end...which never happens). I can't make up my mind whether it's suitable for my twelve year olds, as it's a 15 and while I personally didn't think it was too objectionable...I've thought that about a few pretty extreme films in this month alone.

Any suggestions are, of course, most welcome - pretty short 12s, foreign, classic or just well made, which would appeal to girls. Hard, eh?

Update: Nobody showed up. Pretty damned typical. I'm gonna keep trying though. At least it's something to put on my cv, even though me and Friend 4 hardly constitute a club on our own.


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