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The most Foul of the Foul words!

A few months back, I had a go at the hilarious Christian Movie Ministry for being just plain outrageous. Here's that particular bit of mockery.

I showed the page to my friends, who all agreed with me...even Friend 3, who is a Christian. Friend 1 pointed out that swearing was referred to as "the three/four letter word vocabulary" with the exception of "the most foul of the foul words". What's that, we wondered? Something really, really bad. Though not too bad, for (as my mother pointed out), if they can use it 29 times in Kill Bill it mustn't be too shocking...

Now I was raised as a bewy good child, and so my vocabulary of naughty words is bewy small. And me and Friend 1 couldn't for the life of me think what it could be. Neither could my other friends, or my parents. So we came to the conclusion there was only one thing we could do...we'd have to watch it and count.

Sad eh? Any excuse, really...Friend 1 doesn't like films, which is fair enough. But when I do see something that makes me happy, I always want to share it with somebody, so it's a shame as well. Anyway, as Kill Bill is kinda eastern-y, I'm hoping she'll enjoy it. I've been prewarned by my father that it's "a bit rubbish", which is also fair enough.

Hopefully, she'll arrive in about an hour. All we've then got to do is split the predictable swear words, and try not to get caught up in the film and forget to tally...


Well we divided the words randomly as we went along. I had to keep tally of ****(only 15?!) and *****, while Friend 1 counted the *************. Unfortunately, we came to the conclusion that "the foulest of the most foul words" was a catagory, and not anything in particular...

And the film? Oh, fab. You can't go far wrong with a director who makes movies that are both fun to watch and technically impressive. We must have been quite a sight - Friend 1 was gooing at the samuri swords, while I was going squishy for the camera angles. My father thought the plot was ho-hum - well, yes, but it's snakes on a plane really. She's got a hit list with five people on it. She goes and hits. That's about it. But she does it with such style...special shout out for the anime sequence...some of the best art I've ever seen. In fact, the whole movie was virtually live action anime.

Afterwards, I counted up the kills...I think the final score was about 20 confirmed (8 at the church, 2 in the hospital, Gogo, Vernita, O-ren herself and 7 in her flashbacks), with up to 87 more...all in all, I've been a bit violenced out this week. Nothing but Disney until I recover.


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