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I finished my Dracula essay - I had to identify the themes of the novel, and then comment on how they were shown in the film. That's here if you're interested.

But today's big treasure is...drumroll please...


Well they're not all objectionable. Some of them are kiddy films. I've taken the details of 10 big(ish) modern(ish) movies off and removed the titles. Your task, should you choose to accept it: identify the movies only by a list of their objectionable content.

Here's the quiz:

I'm not going to give out answers just yet...just pop in a comment if you guess any. I'd be interested in how hard/easy you found it.

Usin' the web etc's cheating, but I can't stop you so be ye tormented by ye own little black monsters of guilt if you so do! My tip is, try and find something concrete about the plot/characters within the description, then work on the rest. Have fun!

Finally, on Tuesday I depart for New Zealand and thus my precious blog will probably hibernate till I return. Don't forget me! Bye...


Will said...

okay, no cheating, gotcha...

1) Hero
2) Moulin Rouge
5) Fantasia
6) Almost Famous
7) Reservoir Dogs
8) O Brither, Where Art Thou
9) Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera

Okay, that is what I can get without cheating.

Rob said...

Some were quite hard, although I don't believe the ones I didn't get. Regardless, nice choices.

1. Hero
2. ?
3. Ed Wood
4. L.A. Confidential
5. ?
6. School of Rock
7. Reservoir Dogs
8. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
9. ?

Silvia said...

N° 2 = Moulin Rouge
N° 6 = The school of Rock
the others are too difficult... :)

Ninquelosse said...

Well done all - two 6/10s and a 2/10 (no Almost Famous. PS - haven't seen it, is it worth seeing?) I suppose it was a little tricky...Ah well, I'll post the answers as soon as i get round to it.

Will said...

I liked Almost Famous. One of Cameron Crowe's best. I pretty much fell in love with Kate Hudson because of this film. From reading your blog I think you would like it.

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