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In defence of my top 12 - part 6

6 The Godfather
All my favourite films seem to be very tricky to synopsinise, eh? It's the epic tale of the Corleone crime family. Family in very much two senses of the word.

What is there that this film hasn't got? Aside from the RSPCA movie award, what prizes are going that it can't win? Lets start with the acting. Everyone always raves about Marlon Brando, and they're right to do so. Somehow his regal aura that affects the other characters trancends the screen. I certainly love and respect him as much, and there are an awful lot of people in the world who insist he's not such a bad guy...

...which he certainly is, he just doesn't look it compared to One Other Character in particular. The fact that...Michael is actually the main character...may be the best kept secret in the world.

It's all downhill from hereBad acting is all around us, folks, there are far more bad actors than good. But you never really notice quite how many mediocre performances there are until confronted by somebody like Al Pacino. That's the one that really blew me away, and I've been dead picky ever since.

As for the rest of the family, I just like Sonny. An awful awful lot. Tom is also a sweety, to the extent that I actually find Robert Duval quite hard to watch in anything else. Fredo's OK, but he really doesn't get enough screen time.

The script deserves praise if only on account of the opening sequence. It conveniently introduces all the characters, and their relationships. We meet Anselm the baker, and Lucy Mancini, both of which pop up briefly later. It sets up every single plotlet; even the final scenes occour as a result of it. Even the party going on outside while business continues within the Don's shady office sets the tone for a two-sided family. And it manages all this, while remaining entertaining. Geniuswork! The formula was so successful they repeated it exactly in the two sequels, in a very annoying way. The plot is richly complex, making it rewarding on a second watch. That's a nice way of saying I didn't quite get what was going on until I'd seen it four or five times. Does it matter? Hell no!

Most importantly, it's very very brown. This film has some of the lovliest cinematography I've ever seen. Suddenly, the world is bathed in these lovely, lovely golden browns. It lends the plot an even more nostalic feel, transforming an average crime story into an epic, and unpleasant criminals into wuvvy human beings. In fact, when last faced with purchasing sunglasses, I picked my orange pair because they make things "go Godfather"...
Item: one sandwich, abandoned in a hospital. Always looks very appetising.
Good music? Check! This is the other factor in making the movie beautiful. The minute that horn comes in on the black background, you're just hooked. The whole album streams at this site (which unfortunately is currently threatening to close)

Problems? Oh, the odd one or two. It's very serious throughout, and Michael's costumes are totally unflattering. And you could argue that it's "boring" (though personally, it could have done with being longer...) Most glaringly, though, this is one of those films which is so darn great, it spoils all other movies for a patch of time. Because there's a dreadful niggling possibility you may never see anything this fantastic ever again...

And despite what you may have heard, it is better than part 2.

Sum up the film in a moment: "Do you renounce Satan and all his works?" "I do renounce them." (oh you sweet liar...)
Best scene: "Do you think I'd make my sister a widow?"
Best line: "Luca Bratsi held a gun to his head, and my father assured him that either his brains or his signature would be on the contract."
Favourite character: ooooh, Michael...I've quite a history of falling in love with unsuitable and fictional guys...though I've got a lot of affection for Tom, Sonny and Vito too.
Special mention: for Michael's eyes. This, my friends, is proper acting. You can see his entire train of thought...then half way through, they just go cold. Absolutely dead. How the hell does he do it?!
Best watched: before you have to spend time with your extended family

That might be the worst written piece of work on this entire site ever. Oh well. It's made me want to see the film again now...It'd be great if all three were on the plane to New Zealand.

Me and me sister watched Ghostbusters last night. It's never as good as I remember it...we had it on more as background noise while we were unecessarily fangirly. She did Tamora Pierce and LOST art, while I continued my mini Guildenstern costume being made for an unforutante Ken which didn't hide fast enough. The costume looks fantastic. My only real problem is that Ken isn't quite...weedy enough? That sounds mean,

And now some shameless advertising. LOST ain't the greatest thing ever put on TV, but if you think it is then bookmark It's my sister's new blog reviewing episodes and discussing the show- it hasn't quite cranked up yet, but she's a better writer than me so if you're interested, check it out.


Marcy said...

Michael Corlone is probably my favorite character in cinema and perhaps the most well-written and best-developed character ever. Al Pacino just plays him so well. He's excellent in all three films as Michael.

You're right. That is probably the best kept secret in the world. When I first saw The Godfather, I was surprised that Marlon Brando's Vito wasn't the main character since Brando has created such a wide-known gangster icon in the movie world.

Francis Ford Coppola is a great director. I think he's the only director who can involve my short attention span in something I am not interested in, maybe with the exception with Martin Scorsese.

This film is beautiful, like you mentioned, fantastic cinematography and score. The score's timeless.

But I disagree with you, I think Part II is better although without the original, Part II just wouldn't work.

Sorry for the long comment. Great post about one of my favorite films.

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