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Surf Nazis must die!

Looks like QT is taking the rap for his leaked Inglorious Bastards script for, I quote, being disrespectful to German soldiers.

Calm down, folks. The Nazis have been reliably eeeevil bad guys ever since the 40s, just like the Russians in 60s Bond. And even if we're all big boys and girls now, and we understand things are more complex, we're still talking Tarantino.

Remind me of the last time he's made a movie remotely resembling Real Life as we know it? The sticky irony of Mr Orange's situation is as realistic as its ever got, and even then his actions at the end of the movie are governed by a Samuri concept of honour or something. Pulp Fiction was one massive homage to a genre - none of those people were meant to be real. Jackie Brown moreso, but it was also busy being a blaxsploitation tribute at the same time. And Kill Bill! That's my entire argument boiled down into two 2-hour chunks!

If it was a serious director making a serious Private Ryan-esque movie about slapping the it to the hun, then we could be alarmed. But surely any Tarantino war movie would be a boy's-own men-on-a-mission tribute BEFORE it was an intelligent commentary on 1940s politics. I'm expecting comic-book level gung ho behavior, the requisite bloodbath, some truly unredeemably villanous Nazis, and I'm expecting to have fun watching it.

The guardian confirms this theory - that it's going to be pure unhistoric pulp. So what's the problem? I mean, I'm defending a script I haven't read, for a movie I haven't seen, so he could still prove me wrong. Who knows - maybe troops going on a Holocaust-vengeance mission might turn out to be tasteless? *sarcasm* But at this rate, no one's going to get to see it!

I'm a little disappointed that both Tim Roth and Simon Pegg are out of the picture - I was looking forward to the Roth vs. Madsen rematch rumoured, oh, two years back. Their replacements are interesting to say the least. But I'm willing to give it a chance. And if in a years time this post mysteriously vanishes, you'll know I bet on the wrong horse.

I've skim read this link, if anyone wants the spoilerific low-down on the leaked script - which I don't particularly, but you might:

And here's the telegraph, with a much more general article along the same lines:


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