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Girl dies of watching "Panyther Attack 2" !

I humbly come to you with an apology. After weeks, nay, months (ok, hours...) of searching for a movie background my quest proved fruitless. I found crap ones of films I had seen, and then a few nice ones but only of films I'd never heard of.

Except the Casablanca one.

Yes, I know I should have seen it by now, don't bit my head off - I mean to! I haven't got around to it yet. But I will! Anyway, I couldn't help myself and here it is - my new Casablanca background. Here's looking at you kid...

Now, for the meat of todays article. It is my royal command that you INSTANTLY visit

And laugh yourself to death.

I recommend you check out Shark Attack 3 (the clip is a classic, never mind The Line) and Monsturd. And Troll II is pretty funny too. And once you've read about Troll II, follow the link to the site it suggests and watch the clip there too - I'm such a sucker for crap acting. How do these things get made?! Watch, laugh then run back to Citizen Kane for mind-cleansing.

Last quote: Shu is Mandarin for "yes", "aha", "I know", "I agree", and all other nodding sounds. It appears several times in the film Hero and is one of the only two Mandarin words I know, the other being Fung - wind - which I picked up from House of Flying Daggers.


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