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Today has been a day of dreams fufilled. Well, almost. A day when dreams look like they're about to be fufilled.

But to start, here is my magnum opus - the list of more or less 100 films I intend to see before I die. You can start placing bets on how many I'll see this year, if you like.

8 1/2 - because one of the "My life in Film" episodes was based on it.
2001: A Space Odyssey - because I feel I should
A Bout de Souffle
A Z and two 0s -
in music class two or so years ago, we had to play "Time Lapse", the theme from this film. It's great! Did you know that the director asked for the music to be written first, so he could shoot with the melody in mind?
Alfie - Michael Caine!!!!! -very different than expected, but good
All dogs go to heaven - because they showed this during wet lunchtimes at my primary school, and the lunch sitting just came in and watched the next 20 minutes of it, and consiquently I've some really wierd vivid memories of cartoons that made no sense. A bit like I imagine a bad LSD trip to feel like. I've probably seen the entire thing, only in the wrong order.
All the President's Men - along with everything else Robert Redford has ever starred in.
Amelie - I saw the first half of this, then went to bed because I was tired and the next morning someone had wiped the tape. Exactly as expected. I didn't love it as much as I thought I would (it's what I'd call my sort of thing) but very good.
American Beauty
Batman Begins - Yup, you guessed it, another one for Mr Caine - about as good as expected, although cleverer and more interesting and involving Gary Oldman.
Battleship Potemkin
Being John Malkovitch
- the very defintion of Charlie Kaufmann movies is expect the unexpected. I did like it.
Black Narcissus - Because I caught the end once and it was disturbing. Isn't it strange how you never forget the films you see half of? Something in your mind files it as "unfinished" and preserves it with eerie clarity.
Blood Simple - What is blood simple? I can't remember. It's on the list though, so...
Brazil - about as expected
Brief Encounter

Broken Flowers
- because I hate admitting I haven't seen it, and plus - it's my blog background! - better than expected. I've had bad experiences with classics before, but this was great. I won't be returning the blog background.
Cecil B.Demented - Because a random quiz told me this was a film which suited me, and looking at a synopsis I think it's right!
Citizen Kane - I have watched this, I remember what Rosebud is but nothing else. I was six-or-so at the time. Wouldn't Rosebud be a great internet name?
- somebody said I should.
Crash - because someone said this was good, only they said it was good in such enthusiastic terms that from not wanting to see it I now really want to. It helped that this person's favorite film is 12 Angry Men. I have respect for their movie opinions.
Das Boot
Dr Strangelove, Or: How I… -
We watched the first half in History, and never got round to the rest. Now I look at it, I do a lot of not-seeing whole movies...
Easy Rider - Because it's my dream to ride off without direction, only I'd always feel like a fake if I hadn't watched this first.
Ed Wood - Love it! Love it love it love it!
Ferris B's day off -or, why are so many film names so tricky to spell? Hence the abbreviations. See - R Dogs, Being John M, Jerry M
Fight Club - they used words like nihilistic and pitch black and it's got Brad Pitt in it who, despite having a silly name, is very good at acting. Well not silly - it gives the wrong impression though. Exactly as expected - didn't like it as much as I thought I would, but knowing the twist didn't help. Very very good.
Get Carter - The third appearance for our Mike! The funny thing is, he's not handsome - he wasn't even when he was young. And he doesn't have an especially nice accent, and he's probably a horrid person in real life. But for some reason I cherish a little private love for him.
Godfather II - not as good as expected, but then my expectations were pretty high...Mon coeur! Mon amour! Basically, I cannot LIVE without seeing this.
Good Night and Good Luck
Goodbye, Lenin! - Dude, politics is great. And my friends might like it. I now learn they have seen it, and they liked it. See, always right...
Grosse Point Blank - Read a line in a copy of Empire. It looks funny. And I think John Cusack is kinda cute.
Heat - So I can comment about That Cup Of Coffee. And because I heard "Entrada and shootout" on a soundtrack website, and it's entirely awesome.
High Noon - This is another one I watched a looong time ago. I have memories of the clock shots. See Citizen Kane
Hot Fuzz
Howls Moving Castle
HP4 - I haven't seen it yet, I've seen all the rest and I just want to.
Worse than expected. I knew it would be a little undercooked, but I was just blown away by how messy the plotting was. And there wasn't enough of Sirius.
Inside I'm Dancing
Interview with a Vampire - ok, I adore this book and normally that'd mean I wouldn't see the film. HOWEVER, it stars Brad Pitt...with long hair...and frilly shirts...and that makes my maiden's heart beat with little flappy wings.
If… - I can't even remember what that film is.
It's A Wonderful Life - yet another Citizen Kane scenario. See High Noon.
Jerry Maguire - Why the hell do I want to watch that?! I'm sure there was a reason, it looks good enough, but I can't remember why.
Jules et Jim
Kind Hearts And Coronets
Lady in the Water -
I've gone off this since seeing the full length trailer.
Lawrence Of Arabia - see It's a Wonderful Life
Leon - it looked interesting, and besides - it's got Gary Oldman in it, and I've suddenly become very fond of him.
Love and Death - because i can't go through life not having seen a Woody Allan, and this one appeals to me most.
Magnificent 7 -see Lawrence of Arabia.
Magnolia - Looks good and interesting.
Mean Creek
- Looks pretty good, and plus - my history teacher recommended it! about as expected, only better.
Miller's Crossing - this is very near the top of the want-to-see list.
Mullholand Drive - read half a thing in Empire which contained clues for understanding what's going on. Well if you need clues, it is most definitely my sort of thing.
Mutiny on the Bounty - the Marlon Brando version. I saw a program about him, damn the man's good. There was a bit when he was flirting with a journalist and he was so impressive...anyway, he's also got a lovely English accent. And he seems to despise acting and Hollywood, and I respect him for that.
New York Minute - just pretend you didn't see this one... About as expected! Still fun though...
Night Watch
Ocean's Twelve
- Nazi propaganda video? Hell yeah...I recall our history teacher digging herself quite a hole when talking about a particularly good looking naked Aryan discus thrower. Propaganda amuses me...
Once Upon A Time In The West - better than expected
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Out of Sight

Pat Garret and Billy the Kid
Pan's Labyrinth - Terry Gilliam must have passed on this one...
Pathfinder - Come on, this is going to be great! Vikings vs Red Indians! A hero torn between two destinies! A girl named Starfire! My personal Snakes on a Plane...
Persona - I liked Seventh Seal a lot, and personarism is something I consider myself something of an expert on.
R&J - it's a gay Romeo and Juliet, set in a boys school or something like it. Looked interesting.
Resevoir Dogs
- A bit like Love and Death this one. Everyone raves about QT, and Pulp Fiction didn't really appeal to me as much as this. And I've convinced myself I really want to see it. And now I'm absolutely obsessed, which is a bit sad to say I've never seen it... perhaps it was fate? Fate nudging me in the right direction, "it's time to see one of your favourite films ever for the first time now". Whatever - it was 100% as expected, but thank goodness I actually enjoyed it.
Ripley's Game - Just looks good.
Runaway Jury - this has become a bit of a joke in my family. Every Xmas since it's release, my sister and I have both put it on our lists. Every Xmas has passed without a copy entering the household. I'm not sure I even want to see it that much. I do know I'd be disappointed if I ever should recieve it! About as expected
Se7en - OK, so I already know the massive twist because I remember my parents talking about it when I was 9 or something. But there's the crunch. I remember it. Oh, and it's got Brad in it. Ever since Twelve Monkeys I've had respect for him actually as an actor, not just as a very...very...very...pretty face.
Some Like It Hot
Spiderman II

Spy Game - Robert Redford AND Brad Pitt?! Am I dreaming? Different than expected, but I enjoyed it.
Stand By Me
Strangers on a Train - Same person who recommended Crash recommended this.
Strictly Ballroom - Better than expected I've seen the rest of the Red Curtain Trilogy and loved it!
Strings - it looks beautiful; and beauty is all I ask of a film.
Sunset Boulevard
The Big Lebowski
- I love the tagline!
The Cat Returns
The Devil's Advocate
- Keanu Reeves is sweet...I've a bit of a soft spot. Though I'm not sure how I'd react to seeing Al Pacino in Something Else. So perhaps not.
The Five Obstructions - this looks terrific!
The Fountain - Looks groovy.
The French Connection
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly -See Magnificent 7

The Graduate - now this never really interested me until I saw a clip on the 100 greatest actors program which was on recently, which I thought conveyed the, er, emotions wonderfully.
The Heathers - so many of these movies are jokes in disguise. Update: I have no idea what I meant by that statement, but I'm going to leave it in because it's mysterious and I may remember later... friend 5 saw all but the end of this before her tape packed in. And she wasn't really meant to be watching it either. And we've spent hours concocting elaborate plans to aquire a copy so she can see the end. And somewhere along the line I got roped in.
The Ipcress File - what, MORE Michael Caine? Can such things be?!
The Maltese Falcon
The Piano -
I can play the theme tune, and if you play the theme tune in public people come up to you and ask you about the film and then you go all red...
The Promise
The Searchers
The Seven Samuri
- I've seen this plotin a million different forms, and loved it every time! WRONG! You leave with nothing. I enjoyed it far less than expected, and on top of that I didn't even feel like I was watching a master at work. Which sucks. I never like disliking films...
The Third Man - not quite what I expected - the humour particularly came as a surprise. it was good though.
The Truman Show - just great.
The Usual Suspects
The Woodsman
- I like to see bad guys humanised.
Three Businessmen
This Is Not A Love Song -pair of people on the run from a posse...hang on, haven't I seen this one already? Well, whatever the similarities I saw Empire's half a paragraph and for some reason it made my eyes well up. Perhaps I was just feeling sensitive?
Tideland - Terry Gilliam, yay
Tokyo Story - Halliwell's "top 1000 movies ever" votes this number 1. I was absolutely devastated. I had NEVER heard of it. How could such a thing be?!
Triumph of the Will - yet more Nazi propaganda. Are you telling me you don't find this stuff fascinating?
Uncle Vania - I had to do a monologue from it and fell in love...
Unforgiven - See The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Only I didn't watch it quite so long ago.
West Side Story
- I saw the first half of this!
When Harry Met Sally
Wings of Desire
Withnail and I - more or less as expected
Young Guns
- didn't enjoy it as much as expected well, in actual fact I want to see Young Guns II. I saw the trailer and fell absolutely in love. But I thought I'd better watch I first.

15 films seen so far

So, what's all that about dreams fufilled? Well, today a friend leant me Withnail and I (it's quite funny - she never watches films ever, and I was horrified to learn that she'd seen it and I hadn't!). And my dad cheerily remarked on the off hand that he had bought Brazil.

And forgot to mention the other DVD he'd bought, which I found by accident while rearranging the DVD shelf...

...Fight Club.


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