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Have I calmed down yet? What do you think...

I've got over it. It's not like I didn't know said spolier anyway. I just get ticked off when people remind me. It's like carrying a very guilty secret (and trust me, I know all about that one too...) - you know there's something you're not meant to think about, but you can't help it.

Pity my sister though. Yesterday evening someone mentioned a TV series the family is watching. She made a little moan, I asked her what was wrong. "Character death!" she moped pitifully, presumably expecting sympathy. I absolutely exploded. Any other day I would have been cross, but I had an awful lot to rant about yesterday.

While on that note, here are a couple of sacrilidgious sites:

The first one's pretty funny actually...though on another section of the site they claim Brokeback won a best picture oscar which is incorrect, isn't it?

The second one gets the order of deaths in Hamlet wrong. The news of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern's deaths come at the very end, but chronologically surely they must have departed for lives in boxes before this as the news would have had to travel. So I place it before or at about the same time as the death of Ophelia, and before everyone else. Hey, it's a touchy subject!

Two more sites:
kinda cool, if you like cars which I don't particularly, but oh welll...
This recommends movies based on ratings, but I'm not sure I can be bothered. I much prefer the speedier site which url I can't remember, but I assure you it's better!


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