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Stick Boy's Festive Season

Stick Boy's Festive Season
by Tim Burton

Stick Boy noticed his Christmas tree looked healthier than he did.

Merry Xmas (or, as we're meant to call it in our PC world, Tinselfest) all from me here.
What a year it has been...I'll have a review of sorts when I return...if I return in any sane state.
Last night I watched Stand By Me and blubbed all the way through. Then I went and sat in my room and had a good cry. And then I snuffled for half an hour before going to sleep. It's a fantastic film, and goodness knows where they dug up four kids who could act. Oh well. Be seeing you...!


Anonymous said...

Hot Fuzz is coming to the Mallard on February the 16th sis!

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