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My top 20, as submitted to Empire...

Yes, I lied - I'm a writer, I give the truth scope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Here's the list, as submitted to empire; no, I don't feel very good about it now I look at it again. In fact, I feel dead rotten. Especially putting Ed Wood and Sleepy Hollow right next to each other. It even looks like a cop out..

20. Rififi
19. Ed Wood
18. Sleepy Hollow
17. Constantine
16. Return of the King
15. Brazil
14. School of Rock
13. L.A. Confidential
12. 12 Monkeys
11. Hero
10. Donnie Darko
9. Lost Boys
8. Reservoir Dogs
7. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
6. The Godfather
5. LOTR: Two Towers
4. Signs
3. Zulu
2. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
1. LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring

So I'm hardly 100% happy with that, but it'll have to do. I'll still carry on with my favourite films list though, I was enjoying that...

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, which is why I'm posting at 11:20 in the AM instead of being at school. Well to be fair, I'm feeling kinda ok at the moment, but that's because I haven't moved for 4 hours. I've been watching Animal Crackers (not as good as Horse Feathers and Duck Soup, but still pretty good) and then Star Wars. I be feeling hormonal or something - it really made me well up. I always forget I like it, until I watch it. And I can't imagine how anybody could dislike it.

In the next week, I'm off on hols. This means I miss the swamp of movies on TV over the Xmas season, because I'm not back until January.

Needless to say, I am very upset. My only consolation is that Air New Zealand have this to say about their in-flight entertainment system:

  • In-seat personal screens for every passenger
  • A digital video and audio on demand system gives you complete control -
    start, stop, pause, rewind or fast forward
  • Blockbuster movies straight from Hollywood to you
  • A Classic movie library with some of the greatest moments in film
  • Pacific Economy TV Screen: 8.4"
  • 30 new release movies, 6 classics, 7 New Zealand titles
    and 6 kids movies
  • An enhanced foreign language movie offering including more than 6
    blockbuster titles available in Chinese, Japanese, German and French

6 classics hardly constitutes a library, I think you'll agree...still, there's bound to be something good on there. The Prestige, possibly. I'm feeling too queasy to work out how many films that is in total, but it's quite a lot. Though I dislike their description of "more than 6". What, you mean 7?

*quote from Knights Tale, dude...


Anonymous said...

If you don't bring back Garden State tomorrow, then you're not getting your christmas present! xx Lauren

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